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Dailies Total 1: The contact lens that feels nothing

October 28, 2019 by Janine Merrett

The optometrists at Buy Contacts Online love embracing their geeky side, especially when it comes to improving the daily comfort of customers who wear contact lenses.

That’s why we decided to take a closer look at what we think is the most superior contact lens on the market today: Alcon’s Dailies Total 1.

It’s the first and only daily disposable contact lens to offer water gradient technology so all that touches your eye is a lovely cushion of moisture. 

With only 33% water at the core of the lens, 6 times more oxygen can pass through, making it a highly breathable contact lens for people who want that silky smooth feel all day long.



The SmarTears technology releases a tear-like ingredient from the core to the surface of the lens, making the lens smooth and moist while providing a high level of oxygen to your cornea. You’ll enjoy consistent, clear vision and white, healthy looking eyes.

Many of our customers already love the benefits of Alcon’s Dailies Total 1, in fact it has the most 5 star reviews of any product in our store!

“My favourite contact lenses. Very comfortable to wear. Also super express delivery from buycontactsonline. ” Imee C. 

“These contacts are very comfortable to wear, the best ones I have found so far.” Janina R.

“LOVE these contacts and have literally been the best contact lenses I've tried out of many brands and types.” Maricar S

“These are the only contacts my eyes can tolerate, good for allergies or if you have dry eyes.” Megan O.

For those who haven’t tried them we can highly recommend Dailies Total 1 for anyone who wants to experience comfort that lasts all day long and people who are prone to contact lens dryness or irritation. 

Dailies Total 1 is also available as a multifocal contact lens to balance the effects of presbyopia for clear vision up close, faraway and everything in between

Our popular 90 pack is one of the most affordable in Australia at $114.99 while our multifocal 90 pack is $159.99. There's no cleaning required and you can enjoy that “new lens” feeling all day, every day.

We stock most prescriptions of Dailies Total 1 and endeavour to send out these contact lenses to you within the same business day during working hours.

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