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Contact Lenses for Sports

Keep your eyes on the goal with clear and comfortable vision with our dependable contact lenses for sports activities. At, we proudly present a diverse assortment of sports-focused contact lenses sourced from esteemed industry manufacturers and renowned brands such as Acuvue, DAILIES, Air Optix, Biotrue, Ultra, Purevision2, and more.

No matter your preference, be it daily, fortnightly, or monthly lenses, we offer contact lenses tailored to suit your active sports lifestyle. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to select the pack size that aligns perfectly with your needs.

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Acuvue moist contact lenses.

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ACUVE OASYS with HYDRALUXE contact lenses.

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ACUVUE Vita contact lenses.

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DAILIES AquaComfort PLUS contact lenses.

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See Your Way to Victory With Sports Contact Lenses

When you're into sports and your eyesight isn't perfect, choosing between contact lenses and eyeglasses matters. During sports, eyeglasses can be a hassle. They might slip down your nose or fall off during intense moments. Plus, they limit your side vision, making it hard to track fast-moving objects. Contact lenses, on the other hand, offer freedom from these problems, providing clear vision without the fuss.

Contact lenses are your all-weather companion for sports. Rain or shine, they don't fog up or get splattered unlike eyeglasses. Even when you're sweating it out, contact lenses stay put, ensuring you can focus on your game without interruptions.

In sports, comfort is key for top performance. Contact lenses are designed for all-day comfort, even during extended wear. They sit snugly on your eyes, allowing natural movement without discomfort.

Plus, some lenses come with UV protection, shielding your eyes from the sun's harmful rays during those outdoor games. With contact lenses, you get both comfort and protection, making them a winning choice for sports enthusiasts.

At, we've got you covered with a wide selection of contact lenses for sports from leading brands. So, don't let concerns about your eyes hinder your game. Invest in both eye protection and comfort by choosing our contact lenses for sports.


Why Choose is your ultimate destination for hassle-free and cost-effective online shopping for contact lenses suitable for sports activities. We provide a wide range of well-established brands, ensuring consistent quality to meet your lens requirements.

Furthermore, we've partnered with the experienced optometrist, Peter Merrett, who is available during business hours to offer free guidance and assist with any vision-related inquiries you may have.

Our commitment to swift delivery is unwavering, with Startrack Courier Service ensuring your lenses reach you promptly. For our local customers in Melbourne, we offer the convenient option of in-store order pickup, saving you both time and money.

When you choose, you not only gain access to a broad selection of sports-focused contact lenses but also unlock numerous additional benefits:

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But that's not all. We go beyond contact lenses for sports, offering a diverse range of contact lenses catering to various eye needs and prescriptions, ensuring you find the perfect solutions for your vision requirements. Our commitment to affordability, swift delivery, and reliable service makes us your one-stop shop for all your vision correction needs.

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